Friday, October 1, 2010


In the wake of my (hopefully) approaching trip and my aspirations to be a world traveler, I've realized something: I've become incredibly addicted to travel shows. I've always liked them a lot. I grew up watching all kinds of travel shows, have seen travel lectures and have read travel books. But in recent years my thirst for worldly knowledge has grown even more, and knowing I'm going to travel more in the coming years myself only makes that thirst greater.

I've been a huge Anthony Bourdain fan for a long time and love a lot of Sam Brown's new shows even though she gets on my nerves sometimes. It's amazing how much you can learn from a place simply from an hour sitting in front of a TV though. TV has a lot of negative characteristics but to say it is completely useless would be a gross misjudgment. I like to watch it so I can learn more about people, not simply sit back and waste my mind away. As human beings I think it's not just our right but our duty to learn about those around us. Whether it be our neighbors, our friends, our country-mates or people all the way across the globe. Learning about each other opens the door to compassion and to understanding. I think if we all took time every single day to learn about someone other than ourselves or our immediate circle of friends, wars wouldn't need to happen. Religious differences wouldn't be such an issue. We wouldn't look at each other in fear when someone is "different" because instead, we would talk to them human-to-human and learn about them instead.

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